Forum Title: Cantilevered Patio - Not Flashed
I purchased this house about 2 years ago. A new addition was added, but it was a shell. The same with the rest of the house. So, I started from the inside and worked my way out. The inside still isn't finished, but... I knew it was going to be a disaster trying to redo in my spare time. Especially, evident with the winders up to the addition. Several boards were cracked, just one nail into a stud, a 2x4 ledger with a tiny tip of the tread resting on it. I tore them down to make room for a new furnace in the garage and a walk-in closet in the master. I finally got around to taking a look at the cantilevered patio (if you can call it that). The slider to it was boarded off because railings were never put on. I knew I needed to flash to the house. But i didn't really notice that he cut out all the house wrap too. Anyways, here's the pics. So, I'm not concerned with the cantilevered part. It's run in 14' and is 6'6 out (2x12's, 1 1/4 notched for drop-off). I'll be putting decorative columns at the ends that will also assist in supporting to prevent any lifting of interior or sagging. I'm not concerned with the decking that was nailed (1 nail per joist) and got all warped... I'm going to redo with Azek. My concern is obviously the flashing, or lack thereof. My thoughts were to avoid removing the door. But, I'm not sure if i can fabricate the flashing properly without removing the door. Remove the siding, spacer blocks. Put house wrap everywhere its missing, tape... Use grace, and then aluminum flashing... Any other thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Even if it is to pull the door. Or fabricate some copper boots or something...
Category: General Contractor Post By: Lesley Ford (West Palm Beach, FL), 02/03/2018

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