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Hey guys, well come up against a tough one here. What you see in the picture is a corner to a house foundation. Now originally that corner of the house was bellow grade. We have redone the entire garage, and the driveway is being lowered, but I still can get even a 6 - 8 above grade sill, it's just the way the house was build, and the surrounding land and patio, walls would have to be ripped out to accomplish this.So, what you see is are 12 cmu, with the very top one being a 8 cmu. What has to happen is we have to install plywood where you see the exposed studs. We plan on wrapping the plywood with grace 4000 waterproof membrane, then seal the bottom, and but ends which come in contact with the foundation and brick with grace mastic which is compatible with the membrane. Then we will overlay that plywood again with 4000, down over the foundation. The problem, is we have to add one more 8 cmu, you will notice its missing from the picture, up against either bare plywood, or if we wrap the plywood as indicated above all the way over with 4000, up against the 4000 wrapped plywood. How the hell do we flash that or seal it...we are not looking to have any flashing seen on the outside.
Category: General Contractor Post By: BETTY THOMAS (Biloxi, MS), 02/11/2018

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