Forum Title: Need Help Keeping Nice Lady In A Bathtub From Crashing Into The Dining Room Below...
Pictures included... (of the problem). Need some creativity / more experience here. After the plumbers got through, I've been left with one top-notched joist with two nearby notches through the bottom 1/3 of the lumber - both within a few inches of each other, the adjacent joist with a gaping notch through the bottom 1/3 of the lumber, etc. They all run directly under the tub... Situation is a bathroom remodel of a 70-80 YO home. Bath is on the second floor, dining room directly below. Plumbing for the original bath ran part way through the mud bed & tile, partway through the floor joists. Old plumbing was clogged & degraded lead / galvanized & we decided to redo all the plumbing... The images are taken from below. Joists are 2x8's, partly obscured by the supports for the mudbed. In the first photo, you can see where the original plumbers notched the top and bottom of the joist under the drain. The adjacent joist was similarly bottom notched (obscured by ceiling). The second photo pretty much speaks for itself.So the question is - (short of lowering the ceiling) - how can I properly support / buttress these joists to keep the nice lady from falling through the floor the first time she bathes after we finish the remodel? I've looked at Simpson's website, but can't figure out which strap(s) I need to fix the problem... Other suggestions appreciated!
Category: General Contractor Post By: ELAINE JACOBS (Colorado Springs, CO), 03/03/2018

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